Barj Buzzoni

Barj Buzzoni- All collections Classic and Contemporary Paintings are still made by hand, the result of two generations who have been able to respect and leave in inheritance the most ancient traditions, particularly focusing on new trends. The original preparation procedures for the canvases, which follow the ancient instructions of past masters, confer the works a kind of ageing similar to the one caused by time that has naturally passed.

Tradition and Prestige
The Barj Buzzoni collections are rich and refined, the expression of typical Italian art.

We aim to fulfil our clients’ desires, creating and offering ever more unique and unequalled works of art, looking for perfection in details and colours to achieve the perfect “mood” requested by the client. Their range covers all classical styles, with unexpected and original combinations.

Over time, Barj Buzzoni has selected the best Italian painters capable of using their skill to create original and exclusive works of art made to order for each client, just like artists used to be chosen and commissioned by princes or nobles during the Renaissance.