GianFranco Ferre

Gianfranco Ferre- The style is a mixture of suggestions, signs and forms, colours and materials. There is a constant search for a balance which takes inspirations from the tradition in terms of inventing and innovating. His style is also characterized by a strong identity that involves the world of design. Everything leads to different cultures and experiences, which seen to reduce distances and cancel boundaries. He was nick-named the Architect, because of his degree and wanted to be recognized as such because an outfit, for him, was not just an artistic creation but a real project.

On the trail of the concepts, SAHRAI has developed a Collection of Rugs whwre shapes and colours continue to evoke the immortal work of a distinguished Italian Designer. This Collection blends to the most contemporary life and thanks to the exclusiveness of materials and the finest hand-made work processes become a precious homage to one of the greatest fashion figure of all times.