SAHRAI- In the luxurious setting of Milan’s Fashion District, the brand SAHRAI presents six Collections of hand-knotted rugs, dedicating to each Collection a space that preserves its character and style. In this way, it seems to follow the map of a journey; the different creations give the feeling of changing place, preserving value and sophistication of design that SAHRAI puts in its Collections.


For almost two centuries, prestigious carpets have been SAHRAI’s business thanks to the brand’s family tradition and passion. From the far away bazzar of Tehran, there began long journeys through-out Persia and the Caucasus in search of extraordinary rugs. Over-time, the brand’s search for rare, high-quality pieces carried over to the International markets. As life-styles have evolved, SAHRAI decided in 1994 to extend their experience to the creation of exclusive Collections of Contemporary rugs.