BEDROOM SPACES- It’s not until we come here that we can really relax, bedrooms come in all shapes and sizes. The bedroom is a space that requires careful selection of furnishings to create perfect relaxing atmosphere. The selection begins with lighting to create different moods- choosing the right decorative scheme play an essential role, either wallpaper – paint or wall panels can be a daunting task, effective use of colour and pattern can alter the shape of the room and flooring selection is also vital: carpet- stone- ceramic- marble or vinyl as this will fusion together to create the desired interior design look for the bedroom space. Bedroom furnishings selection: bedroom collection- single beds- double beds- king size beds—chairs & screens and more selection. Discover and shop luxury brands: ArteArre Schelet- Bakokko- Alchymia- Signorini & Coco- C.G Capelletti- Cugini Lanzani and more brand selection.