Bar Room

BAR SPACES- Bar spaces are for entertaining our guests- friends and family for those special- relaxing and unwinding moments. The spaces require comfortable furnishings as well as bar cabinets with ample storage for ‘special’ wines- champagne- spirits- cigars and bar accessories. Depending on your style, elegance for the space is desirable as the bar room spaces have gradually transformed into spaces of pure luxury over time. Transform your bar room with the selection of hand-made contemporary bar cabinets- bar stools- objects of time- bar collection and bar accessories and indulge in complete luxury. Choose your finishes: fabrics- leathers- tiles- woods and dimensions for that perfect custom finish. Make your selection of: black lacquer- polished stainless steel- gold leaf- copper leaf with gradient lacquer- silver leaf -metal web- hand painted tiles and more finish selection. Discover and shop luxury brands: Boca Do Lobo- Koket- Brabbu – Signorini & Coco- Gilles Nouailhac and more brand selection. REQUEST A PERSONAL SHOPPER & INTERIOR DESIGN SERVICE