LIGHTING- Home spaces come in all shapes and sizes and it’s crucial to get the lighting right. Planning lighting for hallway- living room- bedroom- dining room- relaxing spaces- Bathroom- kitchen and other home spaces requires lighting designs that create different moods. For instance, a large chandelier or drop pendant makes a striking statement in a stairwell or centre of a large entrance hall, filling the vista with light and creating a focal point. In a narrower hall, beautiful and colourful table lamps placed on a console table by the front door, provide a warm, welcoming light as your guests enter. Floor lamps and wall lights are a useful option in a larger, traditional setting, adding pools of light in darker corners and creating an inviting ambiance. Choose finishes for that perfect fit and look desired for the space. Discover and shop luxury brands: Delighfull- Koket- Brabbu- Luxxu-Signorini & Coco- Gabriella B- Arca Horn and more brand selection. REQUEST A PERSONAL SHOPPER & INTERIOR DESIGN SERVICE.