Agresti- Ebony 20 Pens Box- Product Code 4820- £750.00

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    Polished Ebony, antitamish suede and leather handles for your collection of writing instruments. Twenty pens Ebony case.


    Agresti- Safety, elegance, and sophistication: these are the guidelines in Agresti that for over 60 years has been manufacturing elegant strongboxes, chests, fine furniture skilfully handcrafted. What makes us truly unique is not only the Made in Italy, experience and our work’s tradition, but also the design, the functionality and the class of any creation.

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    cm 31 x 24,5 x 11,2

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    4-5 Weeks

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    Please call: +44 (0) 207 117 2576

    NOTE: All furniture Collections can be made to measure, with decorations and personalised finishes. Customer’s own fabric accepted on request, however, price may vary