Alain Saint Joanis – Angie Cutlery Set

  • Description

    Shown is Angie cutlery set of 4. The set includes: table knife, table fork, table spoon and tea spoon.

    Both contemporary and traditional cutlery sets can be silver plated. Metal fittings and bolsters are made of 18/10 stainless steel silver. The option to select finish is available- either silver plated and gold plated.

  • Brand Information

    Alain Saint Joanis– A member of the Atelier d’Art de France, Federation of craft professionals, Alain Saint-Joanis have been designing and creating exceptional cutlery since 1876. Craftsmanship, skills and know-how which have been passed on from father to son.
    « Making cutlery has been in our DNA for many generations. We have turned this heritage into a passion, which we still share today as a family.

    As craftsmen, we are passionate about using rare, noble and precious products. We are also passionate about design, and objects which have a history and a soul. Alain Saint-Joanis, a voyage with emotion, beauty and infinite luxury.


    To add items to your shopping bag, make your selection by adding quantity first of the cutlery set. The option to request a different cutlery set size and  finish maybe possible. For ‘Made to Order Only’ Cutlery Sets, use ‘request information’ form or call our sales team for further assistance.





    Olive Wood


    4 piece Set

    Table knife, table fork, table spoon and tea spoon.

     5 piece Set

    Table knife, table fork, tea spoon, dessert spoon and dessert fork

     75 Piece Set

    12 table knives, 12 table forks, 12 table spoons, 12 tea spoons, 12 dessert knives, 12 dessert forks, 1 soup ladle and 1 serving set


    18/10 Stainless Steel Silver

  • Dimensions

    Upon Request


    Dishwasher Safe

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    5-10 Days

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