Cugini Lanzani- Bergere Set French Style- Product Code 5010


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    Bergere Set- French style, LOUIS XV Epoch 1723-1774.

    Details- Crude beech frame, antique polishing , upholstery in white, feather cushion, fabric.


    Cugini Lanzani- For the Lanzani family, it all began with the arrive of the Napoleon in Italy. In 1796 the Cisalpina Republic was searching for money to support the Napoleon army; it suppressed the Convent in Meda, around which the life of the community developed, from the Middle Ages. The property was sold to monsieur Maunier, a rich dealer that was supplying the army.

    Together monsieur Maunier, other families of the French middle class settled in the neighbourhood. The crafts-mashiplike activity of the inhabitants, already blooming, intensified. In that period four enterprising brothers decided to begin the production of vintage furniture and chairs, learning the refined techniques of famous French cabinet-makers. Seven generations of the Lanzani family have consolidated their knowledge of craftsmanship and appreciation of fine wood.


    Red enamel, leaf gold, ivory ancient patina decaper lacquer
    Venetician green lacquer + ancient patina leaf gold
    Ivory lacquer + leaf gold
    Red enamel, patina leaf gold
    Craquelee ivory lacquer + ancient patina leaf gold
    Warm polish, craquelee decaper leaf gold
    Blonde polish, craquelee decaper leaf gold
    Painted ivory lacquer + ancient patina leaf gold
    Leaf silver, ivory ancient patina decaper lacquer
    Leaf gold, grey ancient decaper lacquer


    Rubelli Bambou (glicine) – Content  55% co & 45% vi
    Rubelli Hokaido (pavore) – Content  57% co & 43% vi
    Lusio brown- old pink tulipans- Content 59% co & 41% vi
    Lisio Glicine velvet- Content 50% co & 50% vi
    Lisio brown flowers velvet- Content 100% co
    Lisio Pergolesi- Content 100% si

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    H.95 x L.77 x W.82

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