Delightfull- Cypres Floor Lamp


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    Made to Order- CYPRES, Latin for Cypress, is a tree of many symbolisms and ornamental capabilities, often seen in artistic works and gardens. The unmistakable foliage grows in dense, dark green sprays which lends a full imposing body to the tree. CYPRES Floor Lamp stands strong like the tree with its four gold plated brass sprouts emerging from the Carrara marble base, and the lamps acting as the oblong seed cones fully illuminating your bathroom.


    Structure in chrome plates brass

    Shaders in gold plated brass

    Base in white marble


    DELIGHTFULL- Mid Century Modern Lighting. Delightfull’s lighting embodies a sincere passion for innovation and a true dedication to the revival of local artisan craftsmanship through long-lasting masterpieces. “Strongly sculptured forms, reduced shapes, clear lines and plenty of colour splashed by a retro code- this is what characterizes Delightfull’s collections. The styling is luxurious but always effortless. Groovy elements are unconventionally reinterpreted. Charismatic shapes and noble materials create an elegant look of modernity with a smart sense of joy”.  Delightfull’s collections include “Heritage Collection” and ” Graphic Collection”.


    Width/Length                              35 cm | 13,78″

    Depth                                            35 cm | 13,78″

    Height                                           170 cm | 66,93″

    All quoted measurements may vary for production requirements


    Body: Gold plated


    6-8 Weeks   (Standard Product)

    8-10 Weeks (Custom Product)

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