Buben & Zorweg – Grande Private Museum


    £ 111, 800.00 – £137,400.00 (PRICE GUIDE)

  • Description

    Impressive time and again: the bullet-proof glass pane of the PRIVATE MUSEUM slides elegantly into the wall to reveal the precious treasures the proud owner wishes to present. And even then, an invisible laser grid makes sure there is no unauthorised access…


    High security presentation with additional showcases underneath.


    High Gloss Macassar   (With Showcase)

    High Gloss Ebony Grigio  (With showcase)

    Buben & Zorweg signature clock, 6 timer mover, inner showcase

    Buben & Zorweg signature clock, 6 time mover at the top, 50 time mover within the inner showcase

    Humidor (Optional)

    Safe SI-80 (Optional)


    Buben & Zorweg- delights lovers of fine timepieces with unique masterpieces of craftsmanship. The symbiosis between compelling innovation and exquisite design characterizes and defines the brand’s exclusive objects of time, selected and perfect workmanship fulfil and exceed the customer’s highest expectations.

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    On Request

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    4-5 Weeks

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    Please call: +44 (0) 207 117 2576

    NOTE: All furniture Collections can be made to measure, with decorations and personalised finishes. Customer’s own fabric accepted on request, however, price may vary