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    Dammouse Transmission Vase,  Edouard Dammouse contributed to the artistic influence of Haviland at the end of the 19th Century. A ceramic painter, he marked the history of porcelain manufacturer which wishes to honour him.   The project was inspired by an original Edouard Dammouse drawing, and features a dialogue between history and reality, between memory and transmission. The two patterns converge and highlight the exceptional know-how of the manufacturer: the original pattern- the reproduction of the original drawing from the artist    and its interpretation in 2016 called “Transmission”.

    The highly innovative technical processes have allowed Haviland to create this previously unseen piece- The ‘Transmission” vase. The tones are bold and sparse, the design is abstract. The materials brought to life by the efforts of sand-blasting, of brightness, and the diversity of textures. The prodigious realization entirely covered in gold, recalls Japanese temples, works and precious Asian Objects.


    Haviland– manufacture of porcelain since 1842. David Havilland was an American businessman from New York dealing with porcelain. While seeking out new business interests, he arrived in Limoges, France and by 1842, he was able to send his first shipment of Limoges porcelain to the United States. He was also key in adopting a new process by which to decorate porcelain pieces developed in 1873. In 1890, David Haviland’s son, Theodore Haviland, built a very large and prominent factory in Limoges and introduced a variety of new processes for firing and decorating porcelain pieces.

    The Haviland company has since been overseen by grandson William Haviland, and great-grandson Theodore Haviland II. Present Day, Haviland & Co, is still operating as Haviland company more modernized and now their collection includes silverware, crystal, giftware in addition to porcelain. It’s estimated, there are more than 60,000 Haviland porcelain patterns, many of the older pieces are still in existence and are desirable as an antique or collectable.







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