Boca Do Lobo- Infinity Console (Gold Leaf)

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    £4,360   (Price Guide)


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    Boca do Lobo’s furniture exhales style, grace and luxury and this is certainly the case for Infinity console, a fascinating and exclusive piece, proven to be impressive and eye-catching through its sinuous and elegant lines. Infinity holds a shimmering aura that gets a classy touch to any living space. Stunning in either modern or classic entrance halls and a great addition to any living room decoration. Handcrafted by our talented craftsmen, this prodigious piece has a striking geometric mosaic wood veneer top and a copper leaf base finished with high gloss varnish.


    Console made from wood with a top made through ebony leaf. Its base is lined with gold leaf.

    Product features: Console made from wood with a top made through ebony leaf. Its base is lined with gold leaf.

    Observation for Mounting: It contains pads on the base to protect the support area.

    Arts and Techniques: Joinery, Marquetry, Varnishing and Application of golden leaf, silver leaf or copper leaf.

    Product Options: Top in ebony leaf or African walnut.


    BOCA DO LOBO-  furniture is an exclusive emotional experience, a sense of belonging and a state of mind. We strive to encourage sensational experiences by creating beautiful pieces which are passionately inspired and handcrafted in Portugal by a staff that loves what they do; experiences which pass on the feeling of exclusivity. Our designers possess an undeniable talent for composing pieces which stir emotion in their admirers. Our artisan’s wisdom, accumulated from years of experience, is instilled with love and dedication in the art that they perform. No detail or element is overlooked as we offer the best at the frontier between design and art. Each piece will bring you on a journey to sources of pleasure you may have forgotten, and take you to places you have never been before; a journey to BOCA DO LOBO world-a world of emotions.


    Width/Length              180 cm (70,9 in.)

    Depth                              40 cm (15,7 in.)

    Height                             86cm (33,9 in.)

    Weight                            90 kg

    Cubage                        0,99 m3


    Wood, gold leaf, Marquetry in ebony leaf, high gloss varnish.


    Custom sizes and colors are available with an upcharge.


    Dry cloth for the lacquered part and dry cloth metal cleaner for the brass part.


    12-14 Weeks

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