Circu- Little Mermaid Bed


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    Inspired in the Disney movie “Little Mermaid”, Little Mermaid Bed was designed by CIRCU, and it’s a shell shaped bed. Shells are meant to protect little pearls, to protect them from the mother nature. This princess bed will protect your little girl, and help her to dream and become an under the sea princess.


    Circu- A world full of magic and fantasy,, where your dreams turn to reality. Circu was built under a dream! The dream is to allow children to dream their own dreams and to really give them space to be and live their fantasies and magical world. Their hand-crafted and hand-tailored pieces are made in Portugal with the finest materials, combined with a lot of passion, so they can deliver only the highest quality furnishings. Design unique, exclusive and magical furniture with an exceptional design. CIRCU’s vision is focused on being part of the child’s world, being present in the most ambitious, luxurious and charming decoration projects and interiors for children.




    Magical rainbow paint


    Approx.: 383 Kg | 844 lbs


    Diam: 200 cm | 78.7″
    Height: 180 cm | 70.8″

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