Mantellassi- Nomade Panoramic Sofa


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    Nomade Panoramic sofa- covering as seen, seat and backrest finished in Fabric cat.Zelg col.Blu. cat.Maxi Base covered in leather art.Nuvola col. Ostrica cat.800. Crocodile printed. Scatter cushions (Optional).

    Foot-Stool, covering as seen, finished in  fabric art.Zelig col. Blu cat.Maxi Piping in leather art.Nuvola col. Ostrica cat.800


    Mantellassi- Without history there is no identity. This fact is known well by Mantellassi 1926, the extremely dynamic Tuscan company which has successfully and determinedly withstood market challenges and globalisation, anchoring itself even more securely on the cultural roots of its social, cultural and artistic context, to assume a role as ambassador of Italian design “in style” in the world. The Mantellassi adventure began in 1926, with a fate interwoven with periods more typical of a novel and family histories that almost read like fairytales. A decidedly positive message that exhorts, decade after decade, the new generations to continue in the path with faith and optimism.

    Today the company is run by the fourth generation, they work together with a group of collaborators brought together to achieve a sole objective, to acquire increasing abilities in a world that no longer concerns only divans and armchairs but collections that include total look furnishings, designed in the smallest details to be unique and to reflect luxury with a strong capacity for expressing character

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