Essential Home- Marie Chair


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    Like in one of the most lasting classic films, Marie Chair tells a Hollywood story with the brilliance of a golden brass base and the timeless seductive velvet layered over a comfy foam frame. Adorn your living room with a sophisticated design piece that incorporates all of the mid-century elements into a contemporary and sophisticated piece with a golden twist.

    Brass and Essential Home Textiles Collection

    Body: Rickey 7
    Feet: Polished Brass


    ESSENTIAL HOME-  The epitome of thoughtful design. Its unique designs, characterized by a colourful melange of materials, merge important historical references from the 30’s up to the 60’s with contemporary influences. The harmony between musculine and feminine, classic and contemporary, softness and boldness, is integral to the brand’s sharp sense of eclecticism and daring iconic style.


    Length: 55 cm | 21,65 in
    Width: 50 cm | 19,69 in
    Heigth: 75 cm | 29,53 in


    Custom sizes and colors are available with an upcharge.


    8-12 Weeks

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