Maison Valentina- Newton Bathtub & Vellum Wall Light


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    Made to Order-  Newton bathtub Look. The selection includes:

    Newton Bathtub

    Sika Armchair

    Vellum Wall Light

    Palace Display Cabinet

    Matheny Chandelier

    Padaung Stool.


    MAISON VALENTINA- Maison Valentina represents a unique design concept in the luxury bathroom market.  The company’s collection is made with pure love and is capable of making dreams come true. The collection includes: bath-tubs- washbasins- mirrors- lighting- and case goods made with the finest selection of materials like brass- marble- wood- glass blended with the extraordinary handwork technique of artisans always connected to the contemporary design. The company’s effort is to offer the same comfort and luxury that you are able to feel in other rooms division, keeping an exclusive and bold design.


    Available Upon Request


    Available Upon Request


    12 Weeks

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