Pataviumart- Silk 3/4 Sofa- Product Code ACD 103/3008


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    Sitting with embroideries and silk (Customizable Fabrics)


    Pataviumart- was established many moons ago, more precisely in 1959, at a high time of a particular significance, when the desire to build and reconstruct was very high. Adriano Gomiero, in love with art and his wife Ines, left his brothers in Lombardy and moved to Padua. In this town, in his beloved region of Veneto, he continued what he had started in Milan.

    In his small town workshop in the city’s historical centre, Adriano drew, created and moulded lamps and chandeliers destined to decorate the halls of important buildings in every part of the world with beauty and art. Born an artisan, first as a scholar and later as an expert Master of Trade, Adriano began by working with bronze. He later discovered Murano glass, which soon became his preferred material of choice. Unique pieces of art of outstanding beauty, unrivalled mastery and great scenic impact spread the fame of Pataviumart far and wide, until requests starting arriving from Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Germany, laying the foundations of the international stage that was to become so important for the firm in the years to come. Pataviumart is now present in all countries all over the world.

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    NOTE: All furniture Collections can be made to measure, with decorations and personalised finishes. Customer’s own fabric accepted on request, however, price may vary