Salda- Louis XV Armchair- Product Code 8386



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    Louis XV beech Armchair Set, reproduction of a model 1905 about, upholstered.


    Salda– Highlights as a source of inspiration a valuable corpus of original drawings regarding thousands of patterns and forms, meticulously collected since 1870 in an archive of models that make the experience of the Maison an authentic and valuable knowledge, a place where architects and creatives  glean valuable ideas.

    From the first draft to the final achievement, the phase of creative research becomes a real thread in pursuit of originality. For every piece of furniture selected, only the most noble woods which are then carved, decorated and padded by expert craftsmen, each qualified and hyper-specialized in all matters related to its activities: from the material processing to the application of the bronzes, until the final polishing, each phase is in fact performed manually. Thanks to this deeply artisan work, every piece of furniture Salda reveals itself as unique creation with a singular finishes and details.

    As guarantee of originality and authenticity, the furniture are subject to an accurate and meticulous quality control at all stages of their production. The product is fire-branded with a unique number which is stamped on the piece. Salda established since 1870.

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  • Dimensions

    cm L70 x P. 81 x H.91

    W. 90x D. 81 x   H91

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    60/90 Days

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    NOTE: All furniture Collections can be made to measure, with decorations and personalised finishes. Customer’s own fabric accepted on request, however, price may vary