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    Emperor’s Garden Egg Cup- Matroschka and Matroschischka which are carefully hand-made give the egg the look of a precious little jewel. The perfectly formed design and precision involved are considered to be a particularly challenging piece of workmanship. If used as enhancement of the exsting porcelain ware MY CHINA! or single object.


    Furstenburg-  Luxury, Quality, Culture and Style. These are the cornestones of Furstenburg and define the brand’s identity. According to Furstenburg, the term ‘Luxury’ is neither a catchword nor used in the usual sense to convey exclusivity. Instead it represents optimism. Every item is worth its price, a statement of timelessness and permanent value, far removed from fashionable trends with their brief life spans. The term ‘Quality’ not only refers to the product itself, but also the entire value chain, from design, choice of material, processing and presentation to service, internal and external communications, and relationships with customers.

    Furstenburg’s values are based on ‘Culture’, which is a source of inspiration and assesses the changes in social customs and requirements. Despite this dynamic, there’s a common thread throughout all Furstenburg’s Collections. The ‘Style’ is used to polarise opinions- often in a tongue-in-cheek way. But the harmony of the design is never spoilt by a touch of extravagance. Furstenberg, established since 1747.




    Emperor’s Garden

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    24- carat  Gold




    ø7.4cm  (10.9cm)

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