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    With its floral design, TROPIC appears to be flourishing with exotic palm fronds and leaves. All the plants are tufted in wool, with the background depicted in linen. Six different wool colours create the varied look of the flora in the design. A second linen colour carefully recreates the shade cast by the leaves. The material mix of velvety, matt wool and slightly shimmering linen creates different surface textures that make the tropical rug design appear even more vibrant. The thick, soft feel of the wool clearly distinguishes the leaves from the rest of the rug. The summery design of TROPIC will bring a little holiday feeling to your own four walls.


    Christian Fischbacher, born 1803 in the  village of St.Peterzell in Eastern Switzerland, founds the company at age of sixteen. A son of a farmer, the young Christian collects cotton fabrics woven by the farmer’s wives and trades them in the market in St. Gallen, travelling nearly 30 Km on foot to get there. For nearly two centuries, Christian Fischbacher has been at the heart of the textile industry. A family owned company, with headquarters in St. Gallen Switzerland, a centre for the textile industry since the 13th century. Their products are created with great attention to detail, a deep rooted passion for quality materials and constant drive for creative innovation. Christian Fischbacher interior fabrics, carpets, bedding and home accessories collections are made for luxurious interiors with personality.


    The designs in our collection, Mix are hand-tufted from the combination of high quality merino wool and linen in different threads and pile heights. All carpets can be made with a flame-retardant backing.


    Combine from 128 colours, create your own design.


    170 x 255 cm


    Available in following sizes: 120×180, 170×255, 200×300 / Design in proportion to size.


    8 mm


    We recommend vacuum cleaning once a week and dry clean every 2-3 years.


    Variation to original pattern lead to extra effort and additional expenses and are available only upon request.


    8-10 Weeks

    Delivery to Europe                £20

    Outside Europe                     £25

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